World of opportunity

a clear strategy for growth

Our Strategic Report

Pushing the boundaries


Our growth opportunity is firmly built around the enticing knowledge that Trifast has less than 1% of the global industrial fastener market. Our offering on an international scale is an attractive USP to many OEMs.

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Global Marketplace


Automotive sector

Domestic appliances sector

Electronics/telecoms sector

Multinational OEMs


Capital expenditure


2015 AR Trifast Capex BarchartView Financial and operational highlights

Underlying diluted EPS


Underlying Diluted EPS Bar Chart Dark Blue 2015View Financial and operational highlights

Share price at 31 March*


Share Price Bar Chart Dark Blue 2015

* Share price on 15 June 2015 126.75p

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As always, I enthusiastically acknowledge and thank our shareholders for their support. As indeed I also do to our staff, customers, suppliers and all our stakeholders for playing your part in making our growth organisation the success it is

Malcolm Diamond MBE

Executive Chairman

Strong year-on-year corporate performance is rewarded and the interests of executives are aligned with the interests of shareholders over the longer term

Jonathan Shearman

Chairman of the Remuneration Committee

The Nominations Committee has been developing a robust plan to ensure that the successful company culture, business model and growth strategy can be sustained well into the future

Neil Chapman

Chairman of the Nominations Committee

The 2015 Annual Report is fair, balanced and understandable with appropriate references made throughout

Neil Chapman

Chairman of the Audit Committee


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Strategic Report

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Our Goverance

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Our Financials

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Inside Trifast

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Shareholder Information

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Inside TR

Sales report

We have continued the theme of 'it is all about the opportunities ahead'. The continuing globalisation and the importance of connectivity in our business to support our customers has never been more evident than during this year.

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Marketing report

The Marketing Team is at the heart of our business. Based at TR's headquarters in Uckfield, they manage the diverse marketing needs of our businesses in 16 countries whilst maintaining the globally recognised TR brand.

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More about our people

The Leadership Programme, which has been highlighted in the last two Annual Reports, has now been cascaded to senior managers in the business and will continue to flow to other levels within the organisation to aid and assist our succession planning.

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