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Digital marketing

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In-house photography

Abi Burnett

Abi Burnett,

Head of Marketing

We have a unique blend of people in Marketing who have the skillsets to manage our photographic, video and editing and digital promotion needs

The Marketing Team is at the heart of our business and based at TR's headquarters in Uckfield. They manage and support the diverse marketing needs and specific requirements of our businesses in 16 countries whilst maintaining the strong TR brand that is recognised globally.

Their engagement with the business includes responding to daily requests such as a bespoke PowerPoint presentation for a sales person to present to a customer, through to forward planning for new brochures, videos and exhibitions. These areas along with the ever growing digital promotional activity and tracking of the Return On Investment ('ROI') from our global campaigns demonstrates the flexibility and talent within the team. Having this capability at our fingertips provides a vital support function for our external and internal sales personnel ensuring our customers see TR as the clear alternative.

Visitors to TR sites will also see the 'Inside TR' poster campaigns. These are run on a quarterly basis and provide staff with a very visual picture of news that is happening around the Group. This could be anything from a business win, a charity fund raising event someone has taken part in, pictures of colleagues in other locations that puts faces to names we talk to regularly and generally helps to connect a Group of our size in an engaging format. This feeling of being part of the TR family is important and is a key ingredient of the Trifast culture, which is actively encouraged.

We have a unique blend of people in Marketing who have the skillsets enabling them to manage our photographic needs, which you will see in evidence in the Annual Report, video and editing capability through to digital promotion through various mediums including social media, all in-house. This coupled with creative design ensures we have a fresh and up to the minute image reflecting our business capabilities and extensive product offering including our own TR brands, licenses and new product introductions.

During the year marketing supported major exhibitions on three continents. There were seven specific industry exhibitions in the UK, the Swedish fastener show supporting sales in Scandinavia, through to the Fastener show in Taiwan and the Las Vegas 4G Telecoms show. All of these required careful planning, innovative designs to create the eye catching and show stopper graphics, successful management of the personnel at the shows, through to the follow up of the many quality sales leads that were generated. We were particularly proud this year of the stand design at the prestigious Stuttgart Fastener Fair, which was the most ambitious one yet, and ensured that we were the focus of much interest and had a high footfall of visitors.

We have also maintained a high profile in major industry magazines such as Fastener and Fixing, with articles on varied industry specific topics and product and application stories. We have made extensive use of social media and continue to have widespread PR coverage in many publications both locally and internationally.

We have invested in analytic software to track which companies visit our website, the pages they show interest in, and how long we hold their interest which has provided very important data that we are using during the development of our new corporate website. We are very fortunate to have the capabilities in-house to be able to upgrade to a more intuitive and flexible website that will be launched later this year. We have an enthusiastic Web Development Team who has been focused on the content and the structure of the system. This is supported by programmers and product and sector experts in the Group providing content that reflects the business mix we have today.

fastenings signage
4g world usa

4G World USA Telecoms exhibition

We want to be the 'go to' place for designers, engineers, specifiers and buyers globally. There is a high focus on Search Engine Optimisation and ensuring TR is at the top of all search engines, further igniting interest in us and what we can supply.

This coming financial year we will be launching three new videos illustrating a number of our manufacturing sites and their capabilities that support specific industries. The automotive manufacturing video was shot mainly in PSEP in Malaysia, which is a TS16949 facility capable of producing more complex multi-stage forged parts. The focus was on the demanding requirements of this sector and how we encompass the zero-defect philosophy into our processes at every level. The second video, electronics manufacturing mirrors this, but has been filmed in TR Formac Singapore, which is more suited to very high quality screw production for major multinational electronics/telecoms companies. Again, we have captured the high focus on quality and our investment in equipment, especially the TR developed camera optical sorting machines that ensure we deliver 100% defect free products. The final video is a trailer, giving a taste of TR in manufacturing. These videos will all be launched through various digital mediums globally including social media, email marketing and online promotional websites, all tailored to the relevant industry sectors.

A new 'Introduction to TR' brochure and other industry specific brochures including one specific to the automotive sector will be in circulation in the first half of the financial year. Electronics/telecoms and domestic appliances publications will follow. These illustrate the growing TR product range and capability, the End-2-End services we offer industry sectors with specific product requirements and the extensive portfolio that we can support geographically.

Digital marketing is an ever expanding area of promotion. TR is utilising this medium with regular specific product promotional emails being sent out to over 6,000 customers around the UK and Europe each month. Our seasonal promotions include Valentines, Halloween and Christmas to name a few. These focus on the Group's USPs and target our different customer sectors each time. They are also an excuse to have some fun with our customers.

The online side of marketing is an exciting area to be working on at the moment with so many mediums available, the coverage from each campaign is immense and widespread. There are little limitations to where a social media promotion or web article used creatively and thoughtfully can spread, giving TR global coverage at minimal cost.

Another busy year is ahead of us, and our Marketing team look forward to being in the forefront of providing us with the tools to impress and support our discerning customer base. We also aim to have some fun and enjoyment doing this . . . in a fast moving and creative environment!

Glenda Roberts

Group Sales Director