Helen Toole, HR Manager and Rebecca Vaughan, HR Representative

Apprenticeship programme

Our Apprenticeship programme is now entering its fifth year and continues to be a success, with James Hope completing his business apprenticeship and securing a full-time position as a Costings Co-ordinator working within our Sourcing Department, Aleksandra Kuczynska working full-time within our Strategic Sales Department as a Data Co-Coordinator and Joe Crouch at our Poole location securing a permanent position working on the Trade Counter.

Alex Saunders started with us in July 2014 as a business apprentice and has already spent time within our Warehouse, Quality and Progressing departments and will continue to work in other departments over the next 12 months leading to an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration. Ryan Hildyard at our North East location continues to make good progress in his warehousing apprenticeship. Reilly Willis-Gil has started a Business Administration Level 2 apprenticeship this year and Chloe Wickham has joined us as a finance apprentice to commence Association of Accounting Technician (AAT) studies. We are looking to recruit two more apprentices in the coming year, one in our Sourcing department in our West Midlands location and one in our Group Finance and Human Resources department based at our Uckfield head office.

As a result of the success of our programme, Helen Toole, TR's HR Manager has become an Ambassador for apprenticeships within the South East region and attends meetings with local councils and colleges as an employer representative with a view to managing the link between the education system and business. This is a great opportunity to be able to develop opportunities to encourage young people to see apprenticeships as a credible alternative to continuing in mainstream education.

Training and development

Reilly Willis

Reilly Willis-Gil

Alex Saunders

Alex Saunders

The new Training and Development module within the HR system was successfully rolled out to the UK and European sites and training opportunities can now be accessed at any time and the available courses have been made specific to the locations. This has allowed greater flexibility in the access to and delivery of training with training needs analysis being carried out on a monthly basis to ensure more timely completion of requested training. The system also has a built in evaluation process ensuring that feedback on the trainer, the content of the training course and the venue can be analysed effectively.

Work is underway to develop an operational staff training programme that will concentrate on skills development that will link with the competency framework within our performance management system. The programme will also include visits to a customer and supplier and provide an input on functional areas of the business to allow participants to gain a better understanding of how our business functions interlink.

Team leader training continues to be an important programme that allows us to develop supervisory and initial management skills for those employees identified as having the potential or desire to be in positions that require such skills.

The Leadership Programme, which has been highlighted in the last two Annual Reports, has now been cascaded to senior managers in the business and will continue to flow to other levels within the organisation to aid and assist our succession planning.

This programme is set at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels and has been designed to enhance and strengthen communication across the organisation with groups coming together from different locations to be trained. The programme focuses on personal leadership development as a foundation, which is then built upon with further modules of leadership development from the perspective of leading others. The programme is already delivering a cohesive, strategic approach to embedding a shared culture within the Group, with a common language.

Performance management

Our performance management system operates within the UK and European sites and comprises three phases: employee self-assessment; manager assessment and then a meeting between the two. All phases are managed through the electronic system which allows us to monitor progress to completion and ensure that all employees have the opportunity to have a formal performance review with their manager at least annually. The system allows for interim reviews at any time during the year allowing short term objectives to be set and reviewed at an appropriate time.

The training and development module is linked to the performance management system so that if a training request is made within the training and development module, the performance management system is updated with the detail so that training activity can be reviewed and discussed at the time of the performance review.

The performance management system provides us with a significant means of managing our succession planning ensuring that employees are provided with the relevant training based on their current position, their potential and the future needs of the business.

HR system

Carolyn Emsley

Carolyn Emsley

The overall HR management system continues to be developed. We will automate as many processes and procedures through the system as we can to enable all employees to have easy access to the information, forms, rules and regulations that they need to be aware of.

Business and the community

Trifast supports the needs of our local communities and all of our businesses from around the Group participate in community initiatives. Charitable donations are made through participation of our employees in various projects and programmes. Examples of these are detailed below:

Coast to Coast challenge

Martin Broom

A team of seven adventurous cyclists led by Martin Broom of TR UK's Midlands location took on the 150 mile Devon Coast to Coast challenge in May 2015 raising £11,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support

Newick Cricket Club

TR is delighted to continue to be a Corporate sponsor for the 2015 season of Newick Cricket Club who hold Division 1 status in the East Sussex Cricket league

Newick Cricket Club

PSEP blood donation

Employees at PSEP Malaysia taking part in one of their regular blood donor sessions

Blood donation

Team Aktiv

Jan-erik Storsve

Jan-Erik Storsve from TR Norge was a member of Team Aktiv, a group of 170 people, who ran a half marathon. The team raised over £100,000 for cancer hospitals to build gyms customised for people with cancer so they can be active during their illness (September 2014)