All of the Group's dealings with customers, suppliers, employees and all other stakeholders are undertaken with high standards of ethical conduct and in full compliance with all applicable national and international laws. The Group has policies in place that cover our 'Code of Business Ethics and Responsible Behaviour' providing a guide to the way we achieve our business goals. This extends to provisions for 'whistle blowing', whereby employees may report suspected wrongdoings in confidence, and also a policy for anti-bribery. TR's 'Quality and Sustainability Agreement' fully covers business ethics, Health and Safety and environmental management in respect of our suppliers.


The impact that our operations have on the environment is of great importance to Trifast with the main aim of the Group's Environmental Policy being to comply with all relevant legislation in all areas in which we operate.

This includes compliance with the 'Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals' (REACh) legislation and the 'Restriction of Hazardous Substances' (RoHS) legislation for which we have our own in-house testing facility.

The Group has become a member of the EcoVadis sustainable supply management system which will allow improvement in environmental and social practices through adoption of best practice recommendations from the system. We have also adopted the electronics industry code of conduct format for conflict minerals reporting.

TR hold ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems) accreditation with the BSI and we work on a continuous improvement programme of objectives and targets, monitoring our impact on the environment and reducing our waste production and CO2 emissions.

We measure our organisational carbon footprint for all our offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities and our carbon footprint accounts for all six Kyoto green house gas emissions. The green house gas emissions data is compiled by personnel trained in carbon footprinting by the Carbon Trust.

Carbon footprint

Date period for reporting1 April 2014 –
31 March 2015
1 April 2013 –
31 March 2014
Total scope 1 Emission2,297 tonnes of CO2e982 tonnes of CO2e
Total scope 2 Emission5,066 tonnes of CO2e4,360 tonnes of CO2e
Total GHG Emission for Trifast plc7,363 tonnes of CO2e5,342 tonnes of CO2e

Carbon footprint

Figures are reported in tonnes of CO2e

(Carbon Dioxide equivalent)

Reports are calculated in the following ways:

  • tonnes of CO2e
  • tonnes of CO2e per Full Time Equivalent ('FTE') employee
  • tonnes of CO2e per Square Metres ('SQM') of floor space occupied by the Company
The impact that our operations have on the environment is of great importance to Trifast


Trifast plc Board

Management diversity

Executive and Senior Management

Senior management diversity

All other employees

Employee diversity

Corporate social
Corporate social

TR's business processes are certified to ISO9001 and based on the quality policy:

  • Buy - quality from approved suppliers
  • Make - quality within our factories
  • Administrate - quality in our certified processes
  • Sell - quality to our customers

This ensures that:

  • all employees have the skills required to meet our customer requirements
  • our suppliers have the capability to meet the customers' needs
  • that our objectives and targets continuously improve the business

The Policy is communicated to all employees via the Business Management System (BMS)

Health and Safety

Trifast is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all employees and sub-contract activities. The Group assesses the risks to the Health and Safety of employees and others who may be affected and identifies and acts upon the measures needed to comply with relevant legislation.

The Group has recently launched non-conformance and risk assessment action tracking systems providing a focused approach to Health and Safety whilst at the same time increasing Health and Safety communication throughout the business.

Health and Safety responsibilities within the Group are made clear and instruction, training and supervision in safe working practices is provided to ensure that compliance with the Health and Safety Policy is maintained.

Equal opportunities

Trifast is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to ensuring that the framework of the law within all of our workplaces is complied with and that they are free from unlawful or unfair discrimination under any of the protected characteristics:

  • age
  • disability
  • gender reassignment
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • race
  • religion or belief
  • gender
  • sexual orientation

We aim to ensure that our employees achieve their full potential and that all employment decisions are taken without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria.

We aim to ensure that our employees achieve their full potential


The Group owes its success to the greatest asset it has, its people. We aim to recruit and, most importantly, retain the best people. We do this through robust recruitment practices and once an employee is in post, they have access to a structured performance management system and a comprehensive training and development programme that operates at all levels within the business, from new apprentices to future leaders of the Group. The performance management system is based around the key performance indicators of the Group and individual objectives are set in line with the overall objectives of the Group.

Communication with our employees is very important. Each year, senior team members visit the business locations to speak to all employees about the progress and innovations within the Group as well as the performance of the Group as a whole, making it clear how the individuals have contributed to those results.

Succession planning is a key activity and we continue to provide relevant training programmes at all levels within the business, where possible bringing employees from different locations to be trained together. This brings the added benefit of improved communication throughout the Group.

The Group owes its success to the greatest asset it has, its people. We aim to recruit and, most importantly, retain the best people
Communicating with our employees is very important

Business and the community

Trifast supports the needs of our local communities and all of our businesses from around the Group participate in community initiatives. Charitable donations are made through participation of our employees in various projects and programmes. Examples of these are detailed below:

Flood victim fund

PSEP Malaysia supporting flood victims (January 2015)

Flood victim fund
TR southern fasteners

TR Southern Fasteners supports Cork University Hospital Charity in mini marathon (September 2014)