Adding value for our customers, colleagues and shareholders

Trifast Customer Networks

  1. Customer networks

    Worldwide we service customers of all sizes and across a range of sectors from automotive through to electronics/telecoms and the domestic appliances market. Whether you are one of our over 40 multinational OEMs or a local family business, at Trifast you will get the same high quality, low cost, people centred approach. It is our reliability of supply, coupled with our willingness to consistently go the extra mile that makes our customer networks such a key strength of the business.

    Adding value

    Our existing customer base and reputation within the industry act as a springboard for our continuing growth, whether we are seeking to win new customers, acquire complementary niche bolt-on businesses or to further penetrate into our existing customer base. It is our total commitment to maintaining our ever expanding customer network that will continue to drive our market share and growth.

  2. Lean global supply chain

    The Trifast Group achieves over 60% of its revenue from more than 40 multinational OEM customers. Our core facilities in Asia, North America and Europe mirror the global spread of our customer base. We know that being able to meet the challenging geographical requirements of our customers is about more than just resources and logistics. It is also an absolute necessity to be a regional or local business with the knowledge and skills needed to manage the many regulatory and cultural differences around the world.

    Adding value

    Our world class supply chain management (serving over 60 countries) is a priority requirement for global customers as it offers a combination of lean logistics, high quality low cost manufacturing and technical support, together with design and product development skills. This provides an 'open door' for TR, allowing us the opportunity to continue to expand our global customer base.

  3. Investing for tomorrow

    To keep moving forward it is key that we continue to invest in our business, whether this is in our people, our manufacturing capabilities and quality, or in finding the next successful bolt-on niche acquisition. At TR, we have both the resources and the targeted investment strategy to keep pushing the Group onwards.

    We recognise that a key part of our success is our people — their skills, enthusiasm, loyalty and energy are constantly acknowledged by our customers and suppliers. We understand that the right people are what make TR the right choice for our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

    Adding value

    Following the acquisition of VIC, we employ over 1,100 people around the world. Our people are an invaluable asset with c. 50% having given 10 years+ of service.

    Career mapping, ongoing training and a performance development culture are all firmly embedded in the business, thereby preserving the complex knowledge and skills that underpin both our financial and commercial performances. This foundation gives us the ability to attract, retain and promote our leaders of the future from within TR, whilst identifying parallel cultures in acquisition targets.

  4. Complete product range

    The majority of the products we currently supply are customer specific or registered TR own brand designs. The rest of Group revenue derives from selling category 'C' commodity type products. Looking ahead, the 'one stop shop' trend developing within the industry is allowing us to increase our scope and become our customers' single 'preferred supplier' of choice for all fasteners and related components.

    Adding value

    The fastest and most cost effective strategy for growth is to sell more to existing customers. By combining this with successful targeting of new customers we are able to drive positive dynamics in our business. It is also through this strategy that existing customer value is not only preserved, but grown as the range of products we can offer is constantly increased.

  5. Design & application engineering

    With such a large proportion of sales being driven by customer specific assembly components (including unique product introductions within automotive, electronics/telecoms and domestic appliances), it is vital that TR is a 'Full Service Provider' to multinational OEMs. It is a fact that even the large automotive manufacturers tend not to employ in-house specialist fastener engineers. TR's recruitment of experienced fastener engineers over the past two years is raising the Group's profile as a technical innovator and assembly problem solver.

    Adding value

    Our technically skilled engineers can deliver cost savings to the customer through specific component design or process applications. These savings are then credited against purchase spend thus reducing any price discounting demands and further enhancing our reputation of adding value.

  6. High quality manufacturing and sourcing

    TR is unique in its sector as it combines low cost, high quality/zero defect manufacturing with sophisticated supply chain distribution and logistics. Two-thirds of Group revenue is sourced from world class external suppliers which gives us a competitive edge. Our business teams are able to freely make decisions on whether to buy in or manufacture components, thus ensuring that our factories will only gain internal orders by means of price, quality or delivery market advantage against external competitors.

    Adding value

    Offering reliability of quality and supply 24/7, whilst being 'fleet of foot' is a key requirement for managing rapidly changing market trends and macroeconomic fluctuations. Our open market policy and consistently high quality standards ensure our retention of customer driven competitiveness and flexibility.

  7. Multi-location low cost manufacturing

    By the time Asia had established itself as a prolific low cost global manufacturing region, we were already in Singapore. Today, the Group through targeted investments also has a presence in Taiwan and Malaysia. Additional substantial manufacturing capability also came with our latest acquisition in VIC in Italy, whilst specific TR branded products continue to be manufactured in the UK at our head office site.

    Adding value

    'Just in Time' supply chains and advancements in robotic assembly have driven expectations and demand for zero defect components. By self-manufacturing we are better able to invest to meet these changing demands. Ongoing capital expenditure in new manufacturing and inspection plant within our Asian factories is almost routine, with significant investment currently underway at both our Taiwanese and Malaysian sites.