World of Opportunity

A clear strategy for growth

Market research indicates that global demand for mechanical fasteners will continue to grow over the next five years

Our growth opportunity is firmly built around the enticing knowledge that Trifast has less than 1% of the global industrial fastener market. Our offering on an international scale is an attractive USP to many OEMs

Our strategy for growth could not be clearer

Strategic pillars


Investment driven growth

Cor Strategy

Core strategy – focus on multinational OEMs

Value Add

Competitive = Value add




It’s all about our people and planning for the future

Rolling out a winning formula

Today, we are confident that as a result of the strong action over recent years from our restructured operational management teams, we have established a well-defined strategic business model and path that can be implemented on an ongoing roll out basis, virtually anywhere around the world where there is a strong demand for assembly fasteners and related high quality volume components.

The competitive pressures constantly endured by the automotive, electronics/telecoms and domestic appliances sectors force their suppliers to embrace continuous improvement in every element of their processes.

The combination of our peoples' technical skills, world-class manufacturing facilities and sophisticated service and logistics is well proven to be ideally placed for the ever increasing supply chain efficiencies being demanded by our high volume assembly customers.

As a business, we are totally committed to the 'can always do better' philosophy and culture. We consider we are 'ready to go' and can deliver what the market both needs and expects. Trifast's head start was the far reaching process and management changes arising from the savage downturn suffered in 2007–2009. This was truly a case of a cloud developing a silver lining.

Strategic pillars

Our strategy explained

Investment growth

Investment driven growth

Our consistent ability to improve margins and generate cash allows us to plan ahead with confidence on future proofing our business resources. These include smarter management information systems (MIS), space efficient storage and materials handling equipment, lean logistics processes, modular packaging, manufacturing plant upgrades and refining our sales and marketing targeting as well as payback effectiveness. Our 'recovery phase' implemented in 2009 is completed and now three years behind us. Looking forward, we have the headroom to combine progressive profitability and growing dividend returns with a clear, well defined investment programme that will provide tangible continued momentum to our progress.

Core strategy

Core strategy — focus on multinational OEMs

Our core business is supplying high volume assembly multinational OEMs around the world with components. They demand consistent quality, price and availability in order to supply automotive assemblies, mobile phone base stations, computer enclosures, high cash dispensers and other equipment, in their often numerous sister plants spread globally.

Over 60% of Group sales come from multinational OEMs. We carry 'preferred supplier' status to over 40 such multinationals, several of which own more than 200 plants making comparable or identical finished products. Our average penetration into each network is at the moment around 25% of their sites, therefore developing this pipeline is the backbone of our overall growth strategy.

Competitive value added

Competitive = Value add

Value is not just about price. What TR offers to the market is high quality products, reliable supply logistics and sound inventory management. We pride ourselves on our consistently high levels of service and our commitment to finding the solutions that our customers are looking for. This approach can see us stepping in to help with an urgent supply issue at short notice, or using our engineering know-how to generate production line efficiencies for our customers in the longer term. What TR is able to offer is a complete value add package at a price that benefits both our customers and our shareholders.



Trifast has shown it is capable of delivering a firm trend of healthy organic growth. However, as we have clearly stated over the last five years, this is not enough to maximise the opportunities available to us in what is a fragmented market sector.

The acquisitions of PSEP (2011) and VIC (2014) exemplify what constitute ideal targets for the business, namely knowledge and skills, capable self-managing and ongoing management teams, niche market positioning, growing revenue and profitability and earnings enhancing. Our search continues for similar businesses which meet our criteria and support our growth plans and ambitions.

People planning future

It's all about our people and planning for the future

Developing our people's talents will identify our leaders of the future. It is paramount that through training we retain and diversify skills as these underpin our reputation and competitive edge in what is an increasingly limited labour market globally.

All TR operations are managed on a day-to-day basis by country directors who represent the core foundation for our succession planning. Looking back over our 40+ years in the business, it is clear that our best and most successful succession planning has come from within. For this reason attention is paid to performance management, training and mentoring to ensure that our business growth, customer partnerships and all round continuity can be reliably sustained.